Reasons To Change Your Home’s Locks

Reasons To Change Your Home’s Locks

Reasons to Change Your Homes Locks Your home should be your safe place, a place where you feel 100% secure. The safety of you, your family, and your possessions is of the utmost importance. Many of us invest a lot of money in traditional security systems and video monitoring systems. The costs associated with these systems are ongoing and can get quite pricey.

While having a security system is always a good idea, many of us forget to invest in our home’s locks. Although your security system will notify emergency services and the police that there’s been a break in, the ideal situation is to prevent a break in altogether. The best way to do this is to protect your home by maintaining your home’s door locks.

Date Published: Feb-2018

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It may be time for you to change your home’s door locks. Here are some reasons why you may want to change your locks.

1. Damage. Damage may have occurred as the result of a break in or some other type of accident. Damage to your locks or door jams can seriously compromise the integrity of your home’s safety. If your locks have been damaged due to a break in, you should immediately notify the police. Your next step should be to have your locks repaired or replaced.

2. Age. Just like anything else in your home, as your locks and keys age and are used over and over, they will start to show signs of wear and tear. As this happens, your locks may become compromised, leaving your home vulnerable to break ins. Similarly, if you purchase an older home and aren’t sure how old the locks are, you may need to replace them. In the case of long term use, its best to have your locks replaced rather than repaired or rekeyed.

3. Upgrade. Your home’s locks may work just fine, but you may be in the market for an upgrade or style change. You can purchase locks in any color and finish, and you can also purchase smart locks that are more technologically advanced than traditional key locks.

Your home’s locks are meant to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe and sound. If you feel that the integrity of your home’s locks has been compromised or if you are in the market for a style change, call Crown Locksmith, LLC today at 770-213-LOCK!

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